That is why I enjoy working at Great American Financial
Here at Great American Financial, we attract high energy, self-starting, honest and creative people. enjoy what I do, because I encourage ways to look for a way "to make it happen!" I take pride in my desire to find the best product for my customers. This honest, can-do spirit drives me in every aspect of life and work.

Yes, Dad,  thank you for teaching me how to achieve my greatest accomplishments in my personal life (being married since 1976 to the same beautiful woman and having 2 wonderful kids) and each day in my work life (being able to help with the growth and success of my customers and my company).

Please call me soon and let me show you why Great American Financial is your most helpful partner now and in the future.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Marsha Prince and I have been a mortgage loan officer since 1983. I have seen many changes in the industry and in today's mortgage loan climate, the requirements have certainly changed and more information is required. I have been with Great American Financial since 2006. They are an excellent company to work for and certainly understand the needs of today’s borrowers. I do all loans, FHA, VA CONVENTIONAL AND DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS. I find that we have the knowledge to work with today's challenging requirements for loan approval on all mortgage loans. If we say we can get you approved, we do with a 99.9% success ratio. We can work with borrowers on improving their credit scores too, so they can better qualify for any mortgage loan. I have worked with many, many different loan scenarios and would be glad to talk to you on your specific needs and would be glad to talk to you on your specific needs. I am a licensed loan officer nationally and for the State of Colorado. Please call me today to see what you qualify for to purchase your dream home. Marsha Prince, Sr loan originator cell (720) 300-6325 I am always available to speak with clients 7 days a week

Please contact Great American Financial LLC. at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with you one on one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.

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After finding out that I have been in consumer finance for over 40 years, someone asked me how 1 started out. I responded; "Driving an ambulance!" and we both laughed since it seemed to be a natural progression. Actually, they have a lot in common: to be successful both require great people skills and quick reaction time

I really love working with people, all ages, and all types. In my off hours I have taught skiing to elementary school students and showed them how with discipline and hard work, they can reach their goals in skiing (and in life). My father had stressed to me that with honesty, hard work and dedication, I could never be disappointed in anything I do. I wanted these kids to reap the benefit of that lesson, too.

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